Yoga Classes

Having a wellness program like corporate yoga is something that sets you apart from your competitors. It can reduce work-associated injuries such as back pain, and reduce work loss due to stress and illness. The bottom line is helping employees develop a healthy way to combat stress in the workplace; let them know how much they mean to the company by providing them with the break they need to be more productive at work and in life.

Here at BeGoode Fitness we feel confident enough to be creative in modifying and adapting yoga postures and stretches to every BODY by understanding the anatomy, physiology, aches and pains, and needs of everyone from “weekend warriors” to “desk jockeys” in administration.

This is just a snapshot of what a budget-friendly wellness program can bring to your everyday business environment. Affordable programs like yoga promote well-being in the workplace and provide tools for employees to combat stress. Initial costs of such a program are diminished as they are found to statistically reduce employee turnover, promote employee alertness, increase productivity, and improve overall health.

Employees state that they always feel refreshed, invigorated, and more prepared to combat the rest of the busy day because of the time they took to nurture themselves with yoga. We can set this up at practically any space within the building. We will work with you on scheduling and programming. We make it easy for you!