Programs typically vary from $40 – $250 per employee per year. At BeGoode Fitness we will carefully and efficiently keep your wellness plan in the lower part of this range while still providing a well-rounded program.
When you look at the benefits vs. costs from absenteeism alone, employee wellbeing is considered a necessity.
In 2013 Fitbit did a poll showing 48% employees felt more stimulated and productive after only 30 minutes of activity. Think how this will impact your bottom line.
Most well-designed programs average a rate of return of $3.50 for every $1 dollar invested.
  1. Make sure the decision maker is on board and can work something in their budget, even if there is zero budget we can use an employee pay program.
  2. Send several emails to all employees that consist of a survey to what areas of health and fitness they are most interested in and WILL participate in. BeGoode Fitness will assist you with the survey/questions.
  3. Work with us on finding space in or outside your building to conduct fitness classes ie. Yoga, Zumba, Meditation, Small group training and Boot Camp. As well as, an open room for Lunch and Learns.
  4. Create a calendar of events.
Typically we will need 30 days until the start-up time.
We will work with you side-by-side at every stage to plan and improve your wellness program. We do request a dedicated contact from your organization to work in collaboration with a wellness coordinator or a rep from our company.
We have only nationally certified instructors working for BeGoode Fitness.