Nutrition Planning

Nutrition is the key to success.

Almost 45% of Americans are obese, not because we don’t know which foods are healthy, we don’t have daily guidance and discipline to stay with a food plan. Here at BeGoode Fitness we teach preparedness and planning, proper food and macronutrient combinations for you, and food timing.

We use a very simple approach to helping you create a food plan with your favorite, healthy, and non-inflammatory foods. We help you learn which ratio of carbs, protein, and fat work best for your body. Preparation and timing of what foods to eat before or after exercise, bed, or long work hours are also very important. You will gain the confidence to make the right choices going forward.

OVER 70% OF YOUR GOALS WILL COME FROM NUTRITION; EXERCISE ALONE WILL NOT ACCOMPLISH YOUR GOALS.Following an initial analysis of your diet and preferences, we will set up a food plan that is specific to your training regimen and lifestyle. Remember quality is more important than quantity! Eating plenty of the right foods is far more favorable than under eating the wrong foods.